12 Best Linux Distributions for Hacking & Pen Testing

Its interface is just out of the way enough to not be distracting while being accessible enough to get work done fast. Because of this, Elementary OS works great with small laptop screens to large displays and everything in between. Suppose you are moving to Linux for the first time or deploying Linux to people who are not familiar with it.

best linux distro for network engineers

You don’t need to install it on a system as it runs directly from a USB flash drive; this makes it a portable Linux-based distro that you can carry everywhere you go. The latest release is Peppermint 10 Respin, built on long-term support codebase. It is one of the best niche distros, which comes with lots of apps pre-installed yet lightweight. This Linux distro is specially designed to be used by small offices and home users, but it is also capable of handling tasks at large offices and organizations.

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We gather data from the best available sources, including vendor and retailer listings as well as other relevant and independent reviews sites. And we pore over customer reviews to find out what matters to real people who already own and use the products and services we’re assessing. Another very important feature of Garuda Linux is that it is optimized for gaming as well! You can download a wide variety of games and emulators from the Garuda Gamer GUI which makes the installation process very easy. Overall, Garuda provides a very feature-rich, eye-candy desktop, while still retaining the pros of Arch.

It is fully customizable Linux distribution and ships with some commonly used pre-installed applications. Some of the notable features are GameOver, Multimedia & Rescue, CLI edition, which helps you build customized desktops, and stable as well as rolling release versions. It follows a rolling release model; hence user gets the latest stable version of most software regularly.

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In December 2020, Red Hat announced that the latest version 9 of CentOS would end support at the end of 2021. Since many users were relying on the CentOS version, the original developers sensed a need for this community.

Depending on the distro developers and community, documentation for users could be immense or lacking for specific features, making a user’s job of finishing Top 10 Asp net Mvc Freelancers Best Freelance Asp net Mvc Developers a task that much easier or harder. Knowing what Linux distribution to use is essential to optimizing its installation and use in the first place.

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In fact, there are even specific Linux distros that are engineered as cybersecurity platforms. Linux is a collection of open-source, modular operating systems with a vast array of versions and distributions. The Linux family of operating systems is UNIX-like, meaning that they function similarly to the UNIX operating system, which was capable of advanced multitasking. Pentoo is basically a Gentoo installation with lots of customized tools, kernel features and much more. BackBox is a Ubuntu-based distro developed for the purposes of penetration testing and security assessment. It’s the most advanced penetration testing platform out there, supporting a wide range of devices and hardware platforms.

  • One of the earliest Linux distributions and still a leading choice is the desktop and server specialist Debian.
  • The latest stable release is Debian 10.5, an update of Debian 10 colloquially known as Debian Buster.
  • It is one of the most modern Linux distros and sports a very beautiful-looking user interface.
  • Instead, you should pick the best Linux distro based on how its philosophy aligns with yours.

It helps you access the internet and its services anonymously; all connections to the internet are filtered through VPN and then through Tor network with DNS encryption. Users porting from Windows or macOS will find this Nitrux very easy to use as it is specially developed for new users. Nitrux comes with support for AppImages, which makes the task of installing new apps easier. Nitrux is a Linux distribution developed based on Debian, KDE technologies, and Qt. It ships with NX desktop and NX firewall on the top of the KDE Plasma 5 desktop environment. The latest edition of elementary OS is OS 6 Odin which came with a major user interface and feature revamp.

Linux Mint

Ubuntu by default uses Unity as its desktop environment but is also available in different flavors like Lubuntu (which is based on LXDE/LXQT), Xubuntu, and Kubuntu. Solus is special in that it’s one of the few Irish Linux distros, and also because it follows a curated rolling release model. The advantage Front-End Web Developer Job Description Template of this is that once you’ve installed the OS, you can keep running updates rather than a major upgrade. Solus, however, tries to avoid installing extremely recent packages and beta software to maintain system stability. It is an advanced Linux distro that offers hundreds of penetration testing tools.

Then through the Red Hats, Fedora Core, and then Fedora I got tired of upgrading every 6 months or so, on several machines and settled on an LTS distro. Tried many distros and always come back to Kubuntu and if you like Mint try Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix. The AppStream repository provides all the software applications that you want to install on your system while the BaseOS provides applications only for the core functionality of the system. Traditionally, Red Hat and its derivatives such as CentOS have used yum package manager. Things have changed now and the latest release – RHEL 8 – now uses DNF as its default package manager. RHEL is distributed using 2 main repositories – AppStream repository and the BaseOS. RHEL Linux DistributionYou can readily set it up on physical servers, virtual environments such as VMware, HyperV, and also on the cloud.

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The most significant aspect of Ubuntu is its ease of installation and accessibility. Become a Java Programmer Learn Java Programming Online A flatcar is a fork of CoreOS and is easier to understand than a standard CoreOS.

One of the earliest Linux distros, Slackware, is the pure-play for advanced users interested in the most Unix-like experience. Though there is no graphical installation process, users will learn a lot in installing and configuring the classic Linux distro. Administrators can use Slackware for email, FTP, web servers, and more with immense flexibility. Gentoo is a flexible Linux distribution for advanced users looking for optimal control over configuring software, hardware, desktops, and servers. Gentoo provides users with instructions for installation options, global USE flags, the init script system, environmental variables, files and directories, and more with a swath of documentation.

CentOS is a popular choice for network administration due to its stability and compatibility with Red Hat Enterprise Linux . CentOS is well-documented and offers a wide range of features for enterprise users. However, CentOS can be less user-friendly than some other distros and may not offer as many features for beginners. Ubuntu is a good choice for network administration if you’re looking for a balance of stability and features. Ubuntu is easy to use and has a large software repository, making it a good choice for beginners. However, Ubuntu can be less stable than Debian and may not offer as many features for advanced users. OpenSuse LinuxOn the other hand, it has SUSE Tumbleweed, a rolling release that packs the latest software stacks and IDEs and is the closest you’ll get to a bleeding-edge distro.

best linux distro for network engineers

Ubuntu was originally a fork of Debian, and still contains a large percentage of the same codebase, regularly synced. All three also use the Linux kernel and numerous GNU software packages.

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If you go to their official page, you will quickly see them offering two versions. _OS is workflow streamlined where you get the benefits of maximizing real estate. You can manage your workflow with the help of workspace, keyboard shortcuts, and navigations. It also comes with full-disk encryption to protect your important project files and resources. If you are looking for a standard distro to start, you cannot go wrong with Ubuntu. It is a globally renowned distro, and it is best suited for those looking to use Linux on a daily basis or are new to the Linux world.

  • At the core, Kali Linux is Debian-based, and that means that it is constantly updated with new features and tool support.
  • Get all the quality content you’ll ever need to stay ahead with a Packt subscription – access over 7,500 online books and videos on everything in tech.
  • LinuxMint is gaining so much popularity alongside Ubuntu; it is becoming more popular among novice users because it is more user-friendly and lightweight than Ubuntu.
  • While Arch’s slogan is “Keep it simple,” simple is in the eye of the user.

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