Relationships anywhere between bed period and you will dieting intake in cuatro- so you’re able to fourteen-year-dated Danish students

Relationships anywhere between bed period and you will dieting intake in cuatro- so you’re able to fourteen-year-dated Danish students

A negative association between sleep duration and BMI has been observed in children. However, knowledge about the association between sleep duration and diet is limited. The objective was to examine the association between sleep duration and intake of foods and nutrients in children. In the present cross-sectional study, dietary intake and sleep duration were recorded by the parents for seven consecutive days in a food and sleep record in a representative sample of 802 4- to 14-year-old children. No sex differences were found regarding age and sleep duration. Sleep duration was negatively correlated to age (? = –0·68; P < 0·001) and BMI (? = –0·41; P < 0·001). In multiple linear regression analyses, sleep duration was not associated with energy intake (b = –0·015; P = 0·20), but there was a trend towards a positive association with intake of dietary fibre (b = 0·006; P = 0·05) and vegetables (b = 0·011; P = 0·05), and a negative association with intake of poultry (b = –0·002; P = 0·02), and a trend towards a negative association with intake of liquid ‘discretionary calories' (b = –0·01; P = 0·05). Furthermore, in a comparison of dietary intake between age-dependent tertiles of sleep duration, only intake of liquid ‘discretionary calories' was significantly lower in long sleepers than in short and medium sleepers ( P = 0·03). In conclusion, sleep duration was not associated with energy intake and the proposal that children with short sleep duration have less healthy eating habits than children with longer sleep duration was only weakly supported by the present findings.


The new incidence off young people carrying excess lds singles fat are emerging as the a major wellness state ( Site Reilly 1 ) . In lots of studies, a negative otherwise U-molded relationship between sleep course and you will pounds reputation could have been observed when you look at the kids ( Source Taveras, Rifas-Shiman and you can Oken 2 ) , pupils ( Site Cappuccio, Taggart and you may Kandala 3 , Resource Hitze, Bosy-Westphal and you may Bielfeldt cuatro ) , teenagers ( Site Hitze, Bosy-Westphal and you will Bielfeldt 4 , Site Garaulet, Ortega and Ruiz 5 ) and you may people ( Source Cappuccio, Taggart and Kandala step 3 , Site Chaput, Despres and you may Bouchard six ) . Moreover, meta-analyses analysing research out of degree in children enjoys concluded that shorter bed years is regarding the higher probability of being overweight ( Source Cappuccio, Taggart and you may Kandala step three ) . This could have traditionally-title ramifications ( Resource Landhuis, Poulton and you may Welch seven ) once the recording out-of overweight of youth to help you adulthood takes place ( Reference Wright, Emmett and you will Ness 8 ) , and so improving the danger of development particular non-communicable ailment, because the fat are of this specific non-communicable diseases ( Resource Lloyd, Langley-Evans and you may McMullen 9 ) . The potential influence out of faster sleep duration with the fat equilibrium isn’t understood. One you’ll root systems is the fact reduced bed stage tends to make a keen affect the hormonal control from cravings. In reality, insufficient sleep has been claimed to decrease leptin levels, boost ghrelin account, alter sugar homeostasis, and you may stimulate the brand new orexin program ( Source Spiegel, Tasali and Leproult 10 ) . Furthermore, reduced bed period may possibly render overindulging and you will gaining weight because of the raising the go out designed for food, especially in the evening where sedentary situations, instance watching tv, and you can snack with the extremely palatable and effort-thicker products all are ( Resource Chaput, Klingenberg and you may Astrup eleven ) .

Matchmaking anywhere between sleep course and dietary intake during the 4- so you’re able to 14-year-old Danish students

Whenever shortened sleep period contributes to sleepiness and/or exhaustion while in the day this could reduce determination if you are privately active and you will bring sedentary habits alternatively. It has got ergo also been speculated that there surely is an association between bed cycle, Bmi and exercise; yet not, comes from degree relating to this was basically contradictory ( Resource Garaulet, Ortega and Ruiz 5 , Source Ortega, Ruiz and you may Labayen 12 ) . Only a few research has checked-out the fresh organization anywhere between sleep duration and you will dietary high quality ( Resource Maddah, Rashidi and you will Mohammadpour thirteen – Site Westerlund, Ray and you may Roos 15 ) . This issue is very related off a community health view as the improved opportunity consumption appears to be the essential possible reasons because to help you why youngsters having smaller bed cycle has actually a top risk of becoming over weight.

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