An online slot tournament is a social event of sorts in which gamblers spin the reels on selected slot machine games and compete against each other. This type of contest generally supports a limited number of selected games, which is why we advise you to browse through our casino list thoroughly before making a choice. Some tournaments start as soon as a fixed number of players join, while others are set to commence at a precise time. Each punter gets the same amount of free credits to play within the given time frame. In the end, the person with the most credits wins, or several prizes are awarded according to final scores.
There are two main types of slot tournaments out there, and they are classified according to their entry fee. Some casinos require a participation tax, while others do not.

Freeroll Slot Tournaments. This type of slot tournament does not have any entry fee, which is great news for players looking to earn some quick and profitable bonuses. However, keep in mind that this means you most likely won’t acquire any real money prizes. Instead, online casinos reward punters who enter this type of competition with free spins, and lots of them. Thus, if you’re lucky, you will eventually win some cash in return for your participation.
Buy-In Slot Tournaments. Some slot tournaments are not free, which means that you will be required to pay an entry fee to enter them. Casinos offer slot tournaments at price points as low as $1 though, so you needn’t worry about your budget too much. What is more, other prices aren’t much higher either. Plus, when you pay real money to enter a tournament, you gain real money in return. These taxes are used to fill the prize pool, and online gambling websites keep only a small percentage of them.

When it comes to slots tournaments, there are plenty of variations. We have explained the proper terminology and rules behind each type in this section for your convenience:

Sign-Up Freeroll. The lightest type of competition, some casinos integrate a sign-up freeroll in their welcome package for new players. This gives you the opportunity to register for free and win real money consisting of part of a small prize pool of 50-100 dollars.
Scheduled Tournament. This is your standard online slots tournament, which is advertised in advance. It is played after paying a buy-in fee.
Sit and Go Tournament. This term is used to refer to open-seat tournaments with a limited number of places. As soon as all the positions are filled, the competition begins.
Comped Tournament. Some casinos offer loyalty rewards to clients in the form of comp points. Therefore, only devoted players are invited to participate in them, as they act as a VIP event.
Reloader Tournament. When you participate in a reloader tournament, you have the chance to buy an additional session for a fee and play again. If you’re familiar with the re-buys in poker tournaments, then you will recognize these as being very similar.
Extender Tournament. This works in a similar way to a reloader, only in this case you can buy add-ons that boost your final score and thus give you more chances to win the big prize.
One-Shot Tournament. As the name might imply, one-shots are slot machine tournaments that give you just one chance to qualify for each stage.
Survivor Slots Tournament. This type of casino slot tournament holds various rounds of elimination between players, and only the best among them will advance in the race for the final win.

As you’d expect, there is nothing you can do when playing a slots tournament to influence its outcome. At the end of the day, you cannot affect the results of your spins or maximize your amount, which leaves tournaments at the will of sheer luck just like any other casino game. However, there are some things you can do to increase your chance of winning. First of all, keep the reels spinning constantly to make the most out of the allotted time frame. It’s also a good idea to play all the paylines at max bet to spend credits faster and get higher payouts to advance your rank.

Any of the casinos on our page offer online slots tournaments you can participate in. Browse through the list to find relevant details such as games allowed, registration dates, time frames, prizes, and entry fees if any are perceived. Online casinos usually have a separate section dedicated to tournaments that you can access to enter them. Follow the steps there to register, and enjoy the contest! Who knows, maybe you’ll even get first place!

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